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Benefits & Services

Less Paperwork, Better Compensation,
Better Care

The quadruple AIM is Better Health; Better Patient Care; Lower Costs; Improved Professional Provider Satisfaction. The Alliance achieves these goals by negotiating favorable contracts for our physicians, processing all completed provider enrollment forms with insurers we have contracts with, and providing an array of quality management tools. These include data management, patient registry, IT, and Care Management support through our affiliate New England Quality Care Alliance (NEQCA).


Our physicians have earned over 15 million dollars in bonus payments since 2011 due to our strong work with NEQCA. Here are a few testimonials from our members:

Carl Sousa, M.D. –  As an established Primary Care Physician, I am always looking for opportunities to improve care for my patients while being conscious of the rising costs of health care for all involved. Being part of MW Health Care Alliance, Inc. “Alliance” has provided just that opportunity by improving care coordination amongst specialists, hospitals, clinicians and primary care physicians. My patients have experienced better outcomes as measured by improving quality measures and better patient experience.

Lawrence Handler, M.D. –  I have witnessed our independent providers come together in a unified way, working collaboratively and collegially as a physician organization. I am appreciative and confident with the current leadership of the Alliance. I believe they have done an outstanding job looking out for our physician membership as it pertains to our contracts and the excellent reimbursements we receive for provider care to our Alliance patients.

Paulo Andre, M.D. –  The Alliance was recognized as a high quality and high value healthcare organization by BCBS, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, Fallon and Medicare multiple times in the last few years. It is a great honor to be part of a healthcare organization that helps our doctors to put patients’ needs first.

Stephen Hoffmann, M.D. –  As a practitioner who aspires to deliver the very best medical care, I couldn’t possibly feel more supported. I enjoy easy access to a remarkable array of high-quality practitioners and I am always comfortable referring my patient “brood” to our local cadre of specialists. Part of what makes us unique is our cohesiveness and our long-standing tradition of devotion to patient care.

Kedar Deshpande, M.D., FCCP –  Our Organization is a group of independent physicians working together to take care of our patients. Our patients come first. The organization helps us with the bureaucracy of medical system so we can spend our time practicing medicine. It is a pleasure to be part of our organization because the organization works for us so we can improve patient care, rather than us working for an organization.


67 Union St, Suite 113
Natick, MA 01760


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